Why Melania Trump Always Poses with Her Mouth Open

It’s 2018, and selfie is an actual word in the dictionary—so it’s safe to say you likely have a preferred method for posing for the camera. Maybe you’re the friend who prefers the left of the group pic to show off your good side, or maybe you’re a firm believer in Tyra Banks’s “smizing” philosophy. For Melania Trump, it’s all about the fish gape. At least that’s what we noticed after analyzing photos of her public appearances over the past 15 years.

Regularly used by celebrities on the red carpet, the fish gape is a facial pose where the top and bottom lips are ever-so-slightly pursed and separated. It gets its nickname because it slightly resembles the mouth shape of, say, your first pet goldfish. Shockingly, it happens to be one of the more flattering, appealing looks the camera can capture.

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