Armed robbers stole $20 million, two dead Breaking news

Armed robbers weren’t ‘normal’ criminals

Based on the precision with which Sunday morning’s multimillion-dollar robbery and double murder in Montego Bay, St James, was executed, some persons, believe those involved were highly trained.

“If you look at the accuracy of the shooting, especially the bullet patterns on the windshield of the two vehicles that were shot up, plus the smoothness with which the robbery was executed, it showed a level of sophistication,” an ex-policeman told mega city media

yesterday. “I believe it was done by persons with some amount of training.”

According to the ex-lawman, ‘regular’ criminals tend to ‘lick shot’ (fire randomly) and tend to be very sloppy, which usually reduces their level of accuracy.

According to police reports, shortly after 8 a.m., a courier who was picking up cash from business places in downtown Montego Bay, and a HawkEye security team, which was escorting, was attacked by the robbers. The driver of the courier vehicle and one of the security guards were killed.

The robbers stole the cash, which was initially stated to be between J$10 million and J$20 million, which the courier was transporting.

Superintendent Vernon Ellis, the commanding officer for St James, appears confident that the identity of the robber should not remain a mystery for very long.

“We are following some strong leads, and I want to ask the business community to remain calm as we intend to hunt down and arrest the perpetrators,” said Ellis.

The courier and security guard killed in this morning’s brazen multi-million dollar robbery in downtown Montego Bay, St James have been identified.

They are 61-year-old Canute Earle, a security guard of Norwood and 41-year-old Floyd Wilson, driver of Rosemount Gardens, both in St James. Wilson is the courier who was transporting the large sum of cash.

According to police reports, Earle and another security guard were traveling in a marked Hawkeye motor car that was escorting Wilson, who was driving a Toyota Hiace van with a passenger aboard. On reaching a section of Jarrett Street, a motor vehicle blocked the roadway and men armed with guns alighted.

The assailants allegedly opened gunfire on the Hawkeye vehicle and the Toyota Hiace van, before stealing an undetermined amount of cash.

The police were summoned and on their arrival, both security guards and Wilson were taken to the hospital, where Earle and Wilson were pronounced dead and the other security guard admitted in stable condition.

The passenger in the Hiace van was not hurt.


Since the start of the year, brazen robbers have been targeting businesses in the Montego Bay business district, especially those run by Chinese nationals, who are known to keep a large amount of cash at their business places.

It is believed that many of the gangsters are former lottery scammers who have turned to armed robberies to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

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